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LASIK Technology

At See It Clearly, we offer the most advanced laser vision correction procedure available today – All-Laser iLASIK. With All-Laser iLASIK, the metal blade used with traditional LASIK has been eliminated, for increased safety, accuracy and precision…and the peace of mind you deserve.

Merging Technologies

iDesign Advanced Studio
The FDA-approved iDesign Advanced Studio WaveScan system. This technology, originally developed for high-powered NASA telescopes, creates a 3-D map of your eye that is 25 times more precise than original methods used to measure and correct vision, leading to simply exceptional results. In fact, at 6 months after surgery, nearsighted patients in a clinical study reported* that the majority achieved 20/16 or better vision – that’s better than 20/20!

Unique to the VISX CustomVue Platform, Iris Registration is very similar to an eye scanner. This advanced video microscope maps every detail of your iris, and automatically guides the laser during your treatment, eliminating any concerns about eye movement. This one-of-a-kind approach was designed to allow the Advanced CustomVue Procedure to achieve exceptional visual outcomes and further enhance the quality of your laser vision correction. ActiveTrack™ 3-D Tracking with auto-centering is the first and only FDA-approved tracker in the industry that allows your surgeon to track eye movements in all three dimensions.

ActiveTrack 3-D Tracking
This is the first and only FDA-approved tracker in the industry that allows your surgeon to track eye movements in all three dimensions, again, providing peace of mind and an exceptional level of accuracy.

With iLASIK, Intralase delivers laser energy with micron-level accuracy, giving our surgeons ultimate control during your procedure and the ability to customize the LASIK flap. The ultra-high precision IntraLase iFS laser, used in creating the corneal flap, sets the industry standard for safety and accuracy. By eliminating the blade once used in traditional LASIK, our patients enjoy a premium level of safety.

VISX Star S4
With laser vision correction, once the flap has been made, the VISX Star S4 laser is used to gently reshape the cornea with ultimate precision to the desired curvature, based on the digital information from your personalized WaveFront map. The VISX S4 laser has the highest level of accuracy – down to 0.25 microns, an amazing figure when you consider a human hair is about 70 microns thick!

With All-Laser iLASIK with iDesign, the treatment is quick and recovery is rapid – most patients resume normal activities as soon as the next day!

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