Financing: Pros and Cons for LASIK Candidates


People can be hesitant about LASIK due to the cost of the procedure. All of this money when glasses and contacts are a mere fraction! Not so fast. Have you ever stopped and thought about how much you really spend every month on contacts? How many pairs of glasses have you bought over the years? How much have you spent on prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses? It all adds up! Currently it’s estimated that the average cost of LASIK eye surgery is $2000 per eye. While this number may be a little disheartening, don’t run away just yet! Let’s talk about the pros of having LASIK.


When considering LASIK it’s important to consider whether you are a candidate. Here are some basic qualifications for a LASIK candidate:

  • Over the age of 18
  • No history of dry eyes
  • No major health concerns
  • Consistent eye health for the past year
  • Not currently pregnant or nursing

If you fit the criteria, head over to our website to answer a few more simple questions in our LASIK Self Test! This will help us determine if you are indeed a candidate for LASIK or PRK.




Before we get to the numbers, lets talk about the aspects of everyday life that could change for you. No more running around the house looking for your glasses. No more accidentally sitting on your expensive prescription sunglasses when getting into the car. Actually being able to enjoy sports without dorky goggles. There are tons of little ways you may not even realize that LASIK makes a huge difference. For many, being free of glasses and contact lenses alone is worth its weight in gold!


As aforementioned, the average cost of LASIK is approximately $2000 per eye. Keep in mind, for most people this is a one-time cost. Period. After LASIK it is reported that 96% of patients receive their desired vision almost immediately after surgery. The average box of contact lenses costs between $22-$26 and the average patient, assuming they have a mild prescription, uses roughly 10 boxes per year. If you have an astigmatism prices for contact lenses can soar to $50-$70 a month pushing the yearly cost to potentially $700 a year! Therefore, if you do have a stronger prescription your LASIK procedure could potentially pay for itself in less than 5 years. Suddenly that number isn’t so daunting, is it?


If your concern is paying for your LASIK in one lump sum, See It Clearly has some great financing options. Not only that, but we also aim to make our pricing as comprehensive as possible. The fee for your LASIK procedure includes the surgeon’s fee, facility fees and all pre-op and postoperative eye examinations for one year. In terms of payment we accept cash, check and credit (not including American Express). We also accept Health/Flex spending accounts and Vision Plans. If you choose to pay with Health/Flex or Vision Plans you can actually save up to 30% on your procedure! Additionally, through CareCredit we offer 24-month no interest financing.

If you do not have insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover your LASIK procedure, CareCredit may be a great option for you. CareCredit is a credit card that works exclusively for health services and offers payment plans for procedures (such as LASIK) that insurance doesn’t commonly cover.


In terms of cons, many people are nervous about the safety of LASIK. Our eyes are one of our most sensitive organs and the thought of having a laser on them is certainly scary. Rest assured knowing that a mere 1% of LASIK patients report serious complication with their procedure. Furthermore, many of these complications can be fixed with a simple follow up appointment. After LASIK, you may experience discomfort and vision disturbances. This occurs because your eyes are adjusting to the procedure and in most cases issues clear up within the first couple months. In rare cases, people have experienced flap complications. These instances are so rare it’s estimated that only 0.3 to 5.7% of patients have suffered flap complications post-LASIK. Please keep in mind the LASIK procedure has also come a long way. At See It Clearly, we only use the most advanced technology and procedures alongside the most experienced doctors to ensure your vision is in the safest hands.

As mentioned earlier, most people are mainly scared of the price of LASIK. However, in explaining the breakdown of cost over time along with our comprehensive financing, we’re sure you’ll see its not such a scary number after all!

So, are you ready for a life of clear vision? Book a free consultation online now!