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LASIK Step-By-Step

How is LASIK done?
Once arriving to our office, your eyes will be numbed with anesthetic eye drops, and an eyelid holder will be positioned to keep your eyelids open. You will remain awake and comfortable throughout the procedure. There is typically little or no post-operative discomfort… and recovery is fast!

Step One: Using iDesign technology, we take an extremely detailed “map” of your eye. This detailed information is evaluated by your surgeon and is used during your treatment.

Step Two: A laser is used to gently create a corneal flap with the safety and precision of a computer controlled laser beam. The surgeon then folds this flap back to prepare the eye for the treatment laser.

Step Three: The surgeon uses an excimer laser to apply a cool beam of light, which gently reshapes the cornea allowing images to be more sharply focused on the retina.

Laser eye surgery requires only topical anesthetic drops, and no bandages or stitches are required.

Other Laser Vision Correction Options
For patients who are not candidates for iLASIK, See It Clearly offers other advanced laser vision correction technologies, such as PRK and LASEK.

These procedures offer the same outstanding visual results as All-Laser iLASIK, and utilize the same trusted and FDA-approved Excimer Laser technology, but are performed without the flap. Recovery time tends to be slightly longer than with iLASIK, but the end result and increased freedom from glasses and contact lenses will be the same.

With LASEK and PRK, the laser treatment and reshaping of the cornea is done on the cornea’s surface, versus beneath the corneal flap as with iLASIK.

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