Introducing iDesign Advanced LASIK Studio


All-Laser iLASIK Just Got Better at See It Clearly!

Have you been considering LASIK but waiting for the best technology and the best results? We are pleased to offer our patients All-Laser iLASIK with iDESIGN, the biggest advancement in LASIK technology in decades!

This FDA approved technology is used with your All-Laser iLASIK procedure for more accuracy and precision than ever before…and the results are simply outstanding. This advanced technology was originally developed for high-powered NASA telescopes and is 25 times more precise than measurements used for glasses and contacts. With the ability to capture more data than ever before, iDESIGN is a truly customized treatment providing 5 times higher resolution than iLASIK. In fact, in a recent study* the majority of patients having LASIK with iDESIGN achieved 20/16 or better vision – that’s better than 20/20!

Everything you thought you knew about LASIK has changed…iLASIK with iDesign is considered hands-down the most advanced LASIK treatment available today, and See It Clearly is one of few practices to offer it. The treatment is quick, recovery is rapid, and most patients resume normal activities the day after their procedure.

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