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Dr. Charles Reilly is pleased to offer the revolutionary,  FDA-approved KAMRA® Inlay to correct reading vision!  “The KAMRA® Inlay is an exciting new technology that has the potential to help many people free themselves from reading glasses,” according to Dr. Reilly.  “I have been waiting for this technology to become available and expect it to make a huge impact on the quality of our patients’ lives.”

This revolutionary technology is designed to significantly improve near and intermediate vision for those patients who want the freedom from the struggles of reading glasses due to presbyopia.  Presbyopia, or aging of the eye, typically begins in the early to mid-40’s and progresses over time.  Presbyopia affects over 1.5 billion people globally.  Until now, patients could only treat this near vision loss with reading glasses, bifocals or contact lenses.

“My wife and I both just had this procedure by Dr. Reilly,” said Thomas Barry, “The procedure took all of 5 minutes from start to finish.  Today we are both 2 days post procedure and are doing great.  I am already starting to be able to look at some things on the computer without my reading glasses. I know that this will only get better as the days and weeks go on.”

If you’re tired of dealing with the hassles of reading glasses, it may be time to find out if KAMRA® is right for you!  Call See It Clearly at (210) 951-4100 to schedule your consultation today.