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Professional Athletes Dr. Rashid has had the pleasure of working with many professional and collegiate athletes through out his career. One thing they all have in common is the need for clear vision to perform at their best. Glasses and contacts can be a real hindrance to someone in sports or anyone engaged in physical activities. Dr. Rashid has performed LASIK and PRK to help many athletes to enhance their performance by sharpening their uncorrected vision.

Dr. Rashid has been honored to serve as the Team Ophthalmologist for the San Antonio Spurs for many years.


San Antonio, Texas, July 17, 2001- Jaren Jackson, who had been dependent on contact lenses, recently put his nearsighted eyes in the hands of Laser Vision Correction Specialist Dr. Edward R. Rashid. Jackson underwent this procedure at the Alamo Laser Vision Center on June 6, 2001. After a brief and painless procedure, Jackson’s uncorrected vision has improved dramatically. He is now seeing 20/15, which is sharper than the standard of 20/20.

Dr. Rashid is the Spurs team eye physician and realizes the importance of good vision for the professional athlete and clearly understands how glasses or contacts can inhibit the performance of these athletes.

A new generation of Excimer laser technology has recently been FDA approved. These advanced lasers perform with greater accuracy and offer refractive surgeons a broader spectrum of treatment options. The VISX STAR S3 is the Laser system of choice for veteran LASIK surgeon Edward Rashid, MD as it is for many discriminating eye surgeons around the world.

Tiger Woods, Troy Aikman, Cindy Crawford and over 2 million other Americans from all walks of life have improved their vision, cosmetic beauty, lifestyles and athletic performance by trusting a skilled surgeon and LASIK to help them rid of the encumbrances of their glasses and contacts.


In January 2005, 4 Warn Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Jennifer Broome had the Intralase LASIK procedure using both the new Allegretto Wave laser and the Intralase technology. WOAI News channel 4 was very interested in reporting on this advanced technology and also in documenting Jennifer Broome’s experience! In February 05 WOAI TV ran a very informative story that you can view here.Â

One Patient wrote her a nice letter about her experience:

Dear Jennifer Broome,
Thank you for being such a wonderful weather reporter. Of the major TV stations here in town, I always tune in to WOAI for news and weather. You’re weather reports seem to be the most accurate in town!Â

The real reason I’m writing you is due to the broadcast on your eye surgery. I too had the Intralase Lasik done. Dr. Rashid performed my surgery back in January 05. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Having worn glasses/contacts since I was 9 years old (I’m 38 now), I too was a bit overwhelmed after the surgery. It’s been a month since my surgery and I’m still in awe of the fact that I can see without my glasses. Before the surgery I was 20/400 and now Im 20/20!Â

It was because of WOAI.COM the Ask the Expert on LASIK that I found Dr. Rashid. I spent 2 months researching the entire procedure, the lasers and the Doctors in San Antonio. Day after day I returned to WOAI and Dr. Rashid’s website I learned he has the latest laser technology and coupled with his experience and background, I knew Dr. Rashid would be the right doctor for me.Â

It’s great to hear that someone else had as good as an experience with this surgery. It was also quite interesting that you had done a story on it. Great job! You captured the entire experience beautifully. What I found interesting was that I had almost the same experience as you described and I made some of the same comments. I also could not read the big E on the eye chart!Â

I think you are all great at WOAI and the best news station in town! Thank you and keep up the tremendous job you do to keep us informed of the ever-changing news and weather!Â

Loyal Viewer,
Christine E.

KRISTINA GUERRERO, E! News Host & Former Great Day SA Host

Kristina talks about her LASIK with Dr. Rashid