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KAMRA® Inlay Treatment (restore near vision & reduce or eliminate reading glasses)

Understanding Changes in Your Vision
As we age, the natural lens of our eye loses flexibility, making it difficult to focus on things up close. This condition is called presbyopia, and it affects everyone, usually starting in your mid-40’s, when most people turn to reading glasses, bifocals or monovision contact lenses. However, not being able to see clearly up close without corrective lenses may not be convenient for an active lifestyle.

We Have Options!
Thanks to innovative advancements in technology, See It Clearly patients who wish to free themselves from the hassles of reading glasses now have an exciting alternative. The FDA-approved KAMRA® Inlay is a procedure that can restore near vision and allow patients to significantly reduce or eliminate reading glasses!

How KAMRA® Works
Smaller and thinner than a contact lens, the KAMRA® Inlay is a mini-ring with an opening in the center that sits in cornea – the front clear layer of the eye. KAMRA® extends the natural range of vision making near objects appear clearer, restoring near vision while maintaining distance vision.

  • Long-term correction for near vision
  • Reversible and removable
  • Distance vision is preserved

What to Expect with KAMRA®
KAMRA® is used only in one eye, typically the non-dominant eye, and maintains distance vision in both eyes. You will be awake and comfortable during this out-patient procedure, and the recovery time is rapid.

  • Noticeable improvement in near vision during the first week, but can take up to one month
  • Vision may fluctuate as eye heals
  • Freedom to enjoy everyday activities without reading glasses
  • Can resume most normal activities the next day

Am I a Candidate for KAMRA®?
KAMRA® is best for patients between 40 and 60 years of age, who want to reduce dependence on reading glasses. Ideal candidates must not have had prior vision correction surgery and must meet medical criteria. The best way to determine if you are a suitable candidate for KAMRA® is by having a comprehensive examination at See It Clearly, where our team of experts will discuss your options and determine if KAMRA® is right for you.

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“My wife and I both had this procedure done by Dr. Reilly.  Today we are both 2 days post procedure and we are doing great.  I am already starting to be able to look at some things on my computer without my reading glasses and I know that this will only get better as the days and weeks go on.  We both highly recommend the professionals at See It Clearly.” – Thomas B., KAMRA® Inlay patient

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