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Use Your FSA Dollars for Extra Savings on LASIK!

Is more freedom from glasses and contacts one of your New Year’s resolutions? Well, it’s the perfect time to use your tax-free FSA (Flexible Spending Account) dollars for extra savings on All-Laser LASIK at See It Clearly! And the best part is that you can use any amount that you’ve set aside for 2017 towards ... Read More

Introducing iDesign Advanced LASIK Studio

All-Laser iLASIK Just Got Better at See It Clearly! Have you been considering LASIK but waiting for the best technology and the best results? We are pleased to offer our patients All-Laser iLASIK with iDESIGN, the biggest advancement in LASIK technology in decades! This FDA approved technology is used with your All-Laser iLASIK procedure for ... Read More

Financing: Pros and Cons for LASIK Candidates

People can be hesitant about LASIK due to the cost of the procedure. All of this money when glasses and contacts are a mere fraction! Not so fast. Have you ever stopped and thought about how much you really spend every month on contacts? How many pairs of glasses have you bought over the years? ... Read More

Sports Eye Safety Month

Did you know that April is sports eye safety month? If you play sports like racquetball or squash, you’ll understand just how important eye safety is! Many people are unaware of how hazardous these types of sports can be and how frequent eye injuries are. In light of this the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) ... Read More

How Your Eyes Age Over the Years

As you get older, you may notice that your eyesight is getting worse. You might have more trouble driving at night and colors may not be as vibrant as they once were. With over half of the population developing cataracts at ... Read More
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How You Can Protect Your Eyesight

You may not have 20/20 vision, but that does not mean you can’t take steps to keep your eyesight as healthy as possible. Harsh lighting, poor nutrition, and eye strain can all have a negative effect on your ... Read More

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